Resource list for South African jazz research

Here is a preliminary list of South African (mostly jazz) musicological resources. I’ll update it as time permits, noting that there is a new edition of McGregor 1995:

Allen, Lara. 2008. Kwela’s white audiences: The politics of pleasure and identification in the early apartheid period
. In Composing apartheid: Music for and against apartheid., ed. Grant Olwage, 79-97. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
———. 2004. Music, film and gangsters in the Sophiatown imaginary: Featuring Dolly Rathebe. Scrutiny2 9 (1): 19-38.
———. 1995. “Drumbeats, pennywhistles, and all that jazz”: The relationship between urban South African music styles and musical meaning. Journal of International Library of African Music(3): 52-9 (accessed 20 October 2011).
Ansell, Gwen. 2004. Soweto blues. New York: Continuum.
Ballantine, Christopher. 2012. Marabi nights: Jazz, ‘race’ and vaudeville in early apartheid south Africa. 2nd revised and expanded ed. Scottsville: University of Kwazulu-Natal Press.
———. 2000. Gender, migrancy, and South African popular music in the late 1940s and the 1950s. Ethnomusicology 44 (3): 376-407.
———. 1994. Marabi nights: Early South African jazz and vaudeville. Johannesburg: Ravan Press.
———. 1996. Fact, ideology and paradox: African elements in early black South African jazz and vaudeville. African Music 7 (3): 44-51 (accessed 8 February 2012).
———. 1991. Music and emancipation: The social role of black jazz and vaudeville in South Africa between the 1920s and the early 1940s. Journal of Southern African Studies 17 (1): 129-52 (accessed 8 February 2012).
Coplan, David B. 2007. In township tonight!: Three centuries of South African black city music and theatre. 2nd ed. Auckland Park: Jacana.
———. 2002. Sounds of the “third way”: Zulu maskanda, South African popular traditional music
. In Playing with identities in contemporary music in Africa, eds. Mai Palmberg, Annemette Kirkegaard, 104-116. Uppsala: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet.
———. 2001. Sounds of the “third way”: Identity and the African renaissance in contemporary South African popular traditional music. Black Music Research Journal 21 (1): 107-24 (accessed 28 October 2011).
———. 1985. In township tonight!; South Africa’s black city music and theatre. Johannesburg: Ravan Press.
Dlamini, Sazi Stephen. 2009. The South African Blue Notes: Bebop, mbaqanga, apartheid and the exiling of a musical imagination. PhD., University of Kwazulu-Natal.
Duby, Marc. Forthcoming. “Knowledge in the hands”: A phenomenological framework for assessing live ensemble performance. Musicus.
———. Book chapter, forthcoming. Music, metaphor, and the body: Perspectives from philosophy and neuroscience. In Studies on music and body, Universidad de La Rioja.     .
———. 2013. ‘Reminiscing in tempo’: The Rainbow and resistance in 1980s South Africa. South African Music Studies 33. In press.
———. 2013. ‘Alweer die Alibama?’: Reclaiming indigenous knowledge through a Cape Jazz lens. In press.
———. 2013. The consul at sunset: Representing Lowry’s Mexico in song, Scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa 18 (2): 18-35.
———. 2013. Singing the body electric: Real-time and virtual performance. Conference proceedings: IASPM 16th International Conference: Situating Popular Musics, Grahamstown.
———. 2012. Instrument teaching in South African higher education institutions: At the center or on the periphery? Conference proceedings: ISME 30th World Conference on Music Education, Thessaloniki.
———. 2010. Staging Roberto Bonati’s The blanket of the dark: A twenty-first century vision of ‘the Scottish play’. Shakespeare in Southern Africa 22 : 29-38.
———. 2008. The secret life of instruments: Musical practice and actor-network-theory. Conference proceedings: ISME 28th World Conference on Music Education, Bologna, Italy.
Eato, Jonathan. JISA – site map [cited 10/30/2011 2011]. Available from (accessed 10/30/2011).
Erlmann, Veit. 1996. Nightsong: Performance, power, and practice in South Africa. Chicago studies in Ethnomusicology., eds. Philip Bohlman, Bruno Nettl. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
———. 1991. African stars: Studies in black South African performance . Chicago studies in Ethnomusicology., eds. Philip Bohlman, Bruno Nettl. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
Galane, Sello, ed. 2008. Beyond memory: Recording the history, moments and memories of South African music. Somerset West: African Minds.
Garrett, Charles Hiroshi. 2008. Struggling to define a nation: American music and the twentieth century. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
Gibbs, Raymond W., Jr. 2006. Embodiment and cognitive science. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Hannerz, Ulf. 1994. Sophiatown: The view from afar. Journal of Southern African Studies 20 (2): 181-93 (accessed 28 October 2011).
Jacobson, Nils. Mankunku | yakhal’inkomo [cited 10/30/2011 2011]. Available from (accessed 10/30/2011).
Lefebvre, Henri. 1991. The production of space. Trans. Donald Nicholson-Smith. Oxford: Blackwell.
Lewis, George E. Gittin’ to know Y’all: Improvised music, interculturation, and the racial imagination. Critical Studies in Improvisation(1): 33 (accessed 10 October 2011).
Lucia, Christine, ed. 2005. The world of South African music: A reader. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press.
———. 2002. Abdullah Ibrahim and the uses of memory. British Journal of Ethnomusicology 11 (2): 125-43 (accessed 23/10/2011).
Manuel, Peter. 1988. Popular musics of the non-western world: An introductory survey. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Martin, Denis-Constant. 2013. Sounding the Cape: Music, identity and politics in South Africa. Somerset West: African Minds.
———. 2006. South Africa: Social history through the moppies, calling for research. IFAS-Research Newsletter: 6 (accessed 02/19/2012).
———. 1999. Coon carnival: New year in Cape Town, past to present. Cape Town: David Philip.
Mason, John Edwin. 2008. The making of Mannenberg. Vlaeberg, Cape Town: Chimurenga.
———. 2007. “Mannenberg”: Notes on the making of an icon and anthem. African Studies Quarterly 9 (4): 25-46.
McGregor, Maxine. 1995. Chris McGregor and the Brotherhood of Breath: My life with a South African jazz pioneer. Flint, MI: Bamberger Books.
McGregor, Tony. Jazz epistles verse one – a classic South African jazz album featuring Dollar Brand [cited 11/1/2011 2011]. Available from—a-Classic-South-African-Jazz-Album (accessed 11/1/2011).
———. Yakhal’ inKomo – a jazz classic from South Africa [cited 10/30/2011 2011]. Available from—a-jazz-classic-from-South-Africa (accessed 10/30/2011).
Muller, Carol A. 2012. Sounding a new African diaspora: A South African story (1958-1978). Safundi 13 (3-4) (07/01; 2012/09): 277-94.
———. 2008. Focus: Music of South Africa. Focus on world music, ed. Michael B. Bakan. 2nd ed. Abingdon, UK: Routledge.
———. 2008. Musical echoes: Composing a past in/for South African jazz. In Composing apartheid: Music for and against apartheid, ed. Grant Olwage, 137-153. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
Muller, Carol A., and Sathima Bea Benjamin. 2011. Musical echoes: South African women thinking in jazz. Refiguring American music, eds. Ronald Radano, Josh Kun and Charles McGovern.
Myers, Marc. Interview: Abdullah Ibrahim – JazzWax [cited 10/30/2011 2011]. Available from (accessed 10/30/2011).
Nicol, Mike. 1991. A good-looking corpse. London: Secker & Warburg.
Olwage, Grant, ed. 2008. Composing apartheid: Music for and against apartheid. Johannesburg: Wits University Press.
Palmberg, Mai, and Annemette Kirkegaard, eds. 2002. Playing with identities in contemporary music in Africa. Uppsala: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet.
Patterson, Ian. Abdullah Ibrahim: Perpetual change [cited 10/30/2011 2011]. Available from (accessed 10/30/2011).
Porter, Christopher. Spokes Mashiyane : National geographic world music [cited 10/30/2011 2011]. Available from (accessed 10/30/2011).
Ramsey, Guthrie P., Jr. 2003. Race music: Black cultures from bebop to hip-hop. Music of the African diaspora, ed. Samuel A. Floyd Jr. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.
Rasmussen, Lars, ed. 2001. Cape Town jazz 1959-1963: The photographs of Hardy Stockmann. Copenhagen: The Booktrader.
Titlestad, Michael. 2004. Making the changes: Jazz in South African literature and reportage. Pretoria: University of South Africa Press.
Enja records – ABDULLAH IBRAHIM – YARONA [cited 11/1/2011]. Available from (accessed 11/1/2011).
SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC: Philip Tabane [cited 11/1/2011]. Available from (accessed 11/1/2011).

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